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How does Craigslist work?

People in New York City can go to the main page of Craigslist.

Craigslist is a website where people can talk to each other on message boards and post ads for things they want to sell or buy. It was started by Craig Newmark in 1995 as an email list based in San Francisco. Around 1996, it was changed into a website. Around 2000, its global reach started to grow quickly, and it now serves more than 70 countries. Millions of people use Craigslist to meet new people, sell things online, find housing, jobs, and other services, and to find new friends. To find out more, go to

Network for Craigslist

On the front page of Craigslist, you can see the different search categories and communities. in the picture taken. Each Craigslist site is geared toward a certain area. At first, Craigslist only had ads for things for sale in San Francisco. Craigslist added more cities to its network as the service became more popular and grew beyond what its founder, Craig Newmark, had planned. Boston was the first city to join the network. It did so in the year 2000. After a few months, Portland, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. More than 450 cities now have their own Craigslist community site as of today. Craigslist staff can focus on coordinating transactions for job and housing postings, helping members solve problems, and responding to reports of illegal behavior or abuse because most of the moderation is done by members of the community. Without community moderation, the people who work at Craigslist would be very busy.

Craigslist Financials

Craig Newmark, Craig Newmark, who started Craigslist, and CEO and CEO Jim Buckmaster

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. At first, Craigslist was just a side project, but now it is a full-fledged business. Around 1999, Craigslist was set up as a company that made money. The company bought the domain so that no one else could buy it and confuse craigslist users. Since then, Craigslist has grown every year to cover more cities and towns, and it is slowly becoming a very powerful financial force. Jim Buckmaster and Craig Newmark aren't like most bigwigs in business. Even though Newmark started and is in charge of Craigslist, he is best known as a customer service rep. Buckmaster is not only the site's CEO, but he is also one of the main people who built it. He helped make the architecture of the web, homepages, forums, personal sections, community moderation systems, and search engines.

Problems with Craigslist

Scam artists are one of the hardest things for the Craigslist community to get rid of. There's a section on the site that talks about common scams, so users can easily know what to do if they see one. Scams can involve fake money orders and checks, "bait-and-switch" schemes (where you think you're getting one thing but end up with another), identity theft, "phishing" schemes that try to get personal information, and other unethical and illegal things. A buyer pays more for an item as part of a scam that has shown up in several Craigslist communities. In this scam, a seller who doesn't know what's going on lists an item on Craigslist for a fixed price, like $1,500. A buyer who wants to buy something contacts the seller and says he will send a check. When the check doesn't come, it's because it was written for too much. When the seller called the buyer to tell him about the difference, the buyer apologized and said that he had put in the wrong amount because he thought it was for a different purchase. He tells the seller to put the check in the bank and send him the difference. The seller doesn't know that the check is fake, so he cashes it and gives the buyer the difference. When the bank checks the check and finds that it is a fake, the seller is held responsible. The con artist has his money, and the seller who didn't do anything wrong is to blame.

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